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I recently became a stay-at-home mom.  I have an amazing husband and a gorgeous baby girl.  The transition from working mom to SAHM has had it's ups and downs.  Everyday is an adventure as I learn what it means to be a good mom and watch my little girl grow up.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Overcoming A Weak Stomach

Allie Cakes barfed this morning.  I was washing dishes when I heard it; that deep down in the belly huahhh, huaaahhh.  Every time I imagine the sound of gaging, I picture Chunk from The Goonies confessing to the Fratellis about the time he threw fake puke over the balcony at the movie theater. He says, "all the people started getting sick and throwing up all over each other.  I never felt so bad in my life."  I know I shouldn't be comparing my Allie's upchuck to the 1985 cult classic, but there is just this distinct sound of someone losing their lunch.  In Allie's case it was her morning bottle of milk that splattered in sour, curdled, chunks all over my dining room floor.  I can tell you right now, I can totally relate to Chunk when he says he's never felt so bad in his life.

I have probably one of the weakest stomaches East of the Mississippi. I've got a nose like a blood hound, and I still gag when I look at raw chicken; but when little Cakers got sick this morning, I have to say I handled it well.  I felt so bad for my baby, I didn't even gag.  I once told  my husband that I knew I loved him when I casually picked something out of his teeth.  I've got the same love for Allie Cakes.  When I became a mom I discovered that anything that came out of my baby (whether it be boogers, vomit, or poop) doesn't bother me in the same way as if were coming from some other human.  I guess that's what parenting is about. You love your child so much, you are willing to do anything to make their pain go away.  You put aside the fact that they reek of sour milk and dirty diapers, cuddle them close, and tell them it will be okay.  I'm lucky enough to have a mom who did it for me, and proud to say I can do it for Allie.

Here she is trying out her new kicks.

I'll see you on Monday folks.  Have a good weekend.

-Katie Lou

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